It can seem difficult and overwhelming at times to keep up with the new emerging technologies. It’s hard to find the time or ambition to learn about a new technology when it may seem like you just finally got into a rhythm with the current one. As the new products are introduced though, many of them are easier to install and easier to use. SD-WAN is a new mainstream technology that offers a slew of benefits that traditional WAN routers do not. It allows enterprises to manage and secure “MPLS, broadband, and 4G LTE wireless links across a number of supported legacy interfaces”. Below is a list of 10 reasons why you need to upgrade to SD-WAN products.


  1. Cloud Friendly: SD-WAN was created with the cloud in mind therefore it works smoothly in synchronicity with it.
  2. Centralized orchestration: Enterprises can reduce WAN expenses by centralizing the configuration of an SD-WAN.
  3. Zero touch provisioning (ZTP): ZTP reduces the need to send specialists to branch locations and it reduces human error.
  4. Reduce WAN costs: There are less costs for equipment, reduced operational expenditures and there are savings in NSP expenses.
  5. Enhance business speed and responsiveness: With a simplified process and zero touch configuration network changes at branches happen much quicker.
  6. Improved Branch Availability: SD-WAN offers a faster failover, better visibility and ess brittle configurations which all lead to improved availability.
  7. Increase business productivity: User satisfaction is increased due to the ease and speed SD-WAN provides.
  8. Improve security: Application security is enhanced with SD-WAN.
  9. Provides next generation firewalls: Operations can be automated at multiple branch sites.
  10. Allows many connection types: Customers can create a single network infrastructure that can include MPLS, broadband, or wireless LTE.


There are so many benefits of switching to SD-WAN products! Upgrading to newer and smoother technology may seem daunting at first but you will soon find that the quicker you switch, the easier it is.



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