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Evergreen ITAD

We take the risk out of asset disposition.

When it comes to IT asset disposition (ITAD), the risks are high and the process can be complex with lots of red tape and compliance hurdles to transcend. Customers can be faced with more logistics and problem-solving requirements than they planned... and a lot less ROI than they ever imagined.

Evergreen Sustainable IT Asset Management leads the market in sustainable ITAD by maximizing reuse and minimizing recycling. We serve Enterprise Companies, K-12 and Higher Education as well as mid-market companies with a passion to make IT asset disposition more sustainable and rewarding.

Secure IT Asset Disposition

Every year, businesses retire millions of used, but still useful, technology products, creating the fastest growing business and consumer waste stream in the world. Our mission is to extend the life of used electronics, through reuse and to avoid recycling when possible. We fulfill that mission by utilizing appraisers with extensive experience to identify the best possible service path for optimizing asset value.

Evergreen ITAD has perfected a comprehensive end-to-end IT asset solution to deliver the most value to your organization. We strategically and intelligently help companies reuse more and recycle in an effective and responsible manner. Then, where possible, we recover value from your surplus IT assets by expertly refurbishing them and then making them available for consumers to purchase.

VarData Evergreen ITAD Asset Disposition service helps you destroy and/or recycle numerous IT assets in a reliable, environmentally friendly and safe manner. These assets include:

  • Laptops
  • Hard drives
  • Printers
  • Tape libraries, etc.)

We utilize inventory verification and strict security practices that include GPS tracking, protected transportation, and a documented chain-of-custody. Customers always know the physical location of their assets ensuring the data will remain protected throughout the process.

E-waste is now the fastest growing component of the municipal solid waste stream. Unfortunately, Electronic waste also contains some very toxic substances which could ultimately end up in the biosphere and our food chain when they are not recycled properly. We only use certified partner organizations who maintain the highest standards of environmental responsibility, worker safety, and human health.

Our R2 and ISO 14001 certifications state that our procedures are compliant with domestic and international laws. VarData also maintains insurance to cover a data breach, environmental pollution and errors & omissions.

Our goal is to reuse more and recycle less according to EPA guidelines. But when an asset has reached the end of its life, we recycle responsibly, strictly following NAID standards. (NAID AAA Certification® verifies secure data destruction companies’ services’ compliance with all known data protection laws.)

Our Services Include:

  • Pick-up & Removal Service
  • Manifest (Inventory) Reports
  • Onsite and Offsite Secure Data Destruction with Certificate
  • Sustainable Electronic Recycling
  • Equipment Remarketing
  • Logistics Management
  • Hard Drive and SSD Shredding
  • Complete Chain of Custody

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