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Data Sanitization

We Take Data Sanitization to the Next level.

Accountability and control at every step guarantees your protection. We use the world's best tools to destroy your data. But the vast majority of data breaches are from loss or theft, not a process failure. So we integrate pervasive inventory control into every logistics and sanitization procedure to ensure we account for everything, all the time. And once your data is sanitized, we can prove it.

All business and consumer technology is supported, including PC, mobility, server, storage, networking, and print/copy. We'll perform data destruction services at your place or ours, including multi-pass erasure, shredding, or degaussing.

Our standard processes comply with NIST 800-88 and we are pleased to comply with any other customer requirement, including those designated by the Department of Defense (DOD). All certified data destruction records are available online for each asset sanitized though Evergreen customer portal.

Our Systematic controls enforce sanitization protocols for every type of any data bearing asset. If your decommissioned IT assets have more value, our testing, repairs and sanitization capability ensures you receive maximum ROI.

We prepare your retired assets for maximum value by taking the following steps:

  • Repair or replace missing items
  • Conduct a complete technical evaluation
  • Undertake component replacement and make board level repairs
  • Remove all asset tags, identifiers, stickers, and non-OEM labels
  • Remove all user-inflicted notes, doodles, and miscellaneous marks
  • Remove all etching and imprinting

Perform thorough cleaning and touch up scratches in painted surfaces

  • Replace missing or damaged plastics such as missing feet, knobs, or other controls

Refurbishing is an investment in sustainability and value recovery. We ensure that every item that can be refurbished enjoys a valuable second life by utilizing a multi-dimensional market development approach including:

  • Evergreen ITAD’s own shop-on-line website
  • eBay
  • Evergreen Employee Purchase Programs
  • Evergreen retail resellers
  • Evergreen wholesale partners

To learn more about our Evergreen ITAD business, please contact us directly at 877-326-9192

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