Benefits of Using uCPE

uCPE (Universal Customer Premises Equipment) has become the new way to achieve all the benefits of NFV (Network Functions Virtualization).

Service providers such as AT&T and Verizon have already begun to use it and the market is expected to reach $1.02 billion by 2022¹. Below are the many benefits of using uCPE.

1. Low Cost

The uCPE platform is extremely flexible. If you need more functions or to change them in the future you would only have to add or replace some VNFs. It is more cost effective because you no longer have to buy all types of equipment to help it perform correctly. The equipment you have will continue to work properly. It also uses COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) server which will help with the costs².

2. Shared Resources

A way to get the full benefits of NFV by using uCPE is by creating a partnership between customers and suppliers². By using the proper uCPE the server can be used by multiple service providers which provides “new opportunities for wholesale revenue as well as for cost-effective access to off-net locations³.”

3. Service on demand

Since minimal equipment is needed to run uCPE service can be done relatively quick. There is no expensive hardware that needs to be replaced. When you use a software-centric solution like uCPE you can get the service you need as soon as you need it. It is possible to deploy, reconfigure, and change network functions at your sites without ever changing the hardware⁴.

Payson Pate says in Skinny Wire that uCPE is “dynamic services turned up on demand.” uCPE can help service providers offer new services that they would not be able to have through vCPE.

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