NAID AAA Certification acknowledges VarData's commitment to continuing excellence in IT asset disposition (ITAD) processing capabilities, and security. 


The certification strengthens VarData's credibility for secure data destruction services in Rochester, NY. 

Data Security

Data Security

Data Security

For nearly 20 years, our comprehensive data security process has guaranteed every byte of client data is guarded.


We account for every individual device from the moment we take possession until it is destroyed or sold to an end user. Our logistics crews carefully pack everything to guard against transit damage or loss of value using a closed shipping network for reliable security. However, we serve you. Evergreen ITAD by Vardata insures your assets for their full market value.


We are meticulous about inventory control and security. Every logistics crew member has been trained and certified in procedures that offer the highest protection of both client data and asset value.


Flexible options allow you to choose the logistics solution that perfectly suits your organizations needs for security and residual value:


- Vendor portal provides transparency

- Piece count inventory 

- Scanned and serialized inventory

- Waste diversion reporting

- Closed shipping network

- Sealed transportation with GPS tracking

All of our processes allow for customization based on client requirements.

Data Protection

Security is assured by chain of custody and inventory control procedures that meet or exceed the highest level of security guidelines. Evergreen ITAD by Vardata utilizes a Department of Defense (D.o.D) standard 5220.22M for hard drive erasure program for all hard drive wiping with Active@KillDisk erasure utility.  At the client's request, we can shred or pulverize hard drives.  The 3 afore mentioned methods are compliant methodologies of data destruction under the guidelines of the major governmental compliance laws.


Our process, pertaining to the handling of any live client data, ensures the highest level of data security compliance, in accordance with existing US standards, such as NAID and NIST 800-88.  


These procedures include but are not limited to the following:


- A secure facility with 24 hour monitoring 

- A locked and monitored room devoted to data destruction

- 120 day closed-circuit video retention 

- Criminal background check and drug screen on all-access employees



Our value proposition is take to a very complex problem and make it very simple for the client so they can focus on their business.  


Consignment model:


Compensation for the sale of the Client’s IT Assets is based on the consignment model where the client recieves a percentage of total value, less sales fees. Sales fees cover online listing fees, shipping materials and transportation costs.  Our clients receive payments, which represents one of highest value payouts in the industry.


ERP Portal: 


Our secure client portal is available 24/7 for review and to extract data as an extension of your asset management program.  Any client personnel, with designated permissions, can see every unit that Evergreen ITAD by Vardata has taken in, and the disposition status of each item.  This portal is searchable by asset tag, serial number, time and date of each sale with client proceeds.



Evergreen ITAD by VarData has perfected the end-to-end solution to deliver the most value to your organization.  

E-Waste Hierarchy

This includes best practices to:


Re-Use:  Selling to our end-user markets and secondary network of over 400 affiliates.

Recycling: Increase environmental sustainability by enabling 70% of what is taken-in to be upcycled.

Recovery: Downstream partners recover elements of value from decomissioned assets.

Disposal: Proper downstream R2/RIOS recycling for no-value equipment, in accordance with EPA guidelines.